ManuelSeixas: Home: Store

ManuelSeixas: Home: Store.

ManuelSeixas’ Store aim to provide the highest quality photography and the most suitable products and solutions to create the perfect gift in Art.
Manuel finds inspiration in the dramatic affects of natural light. This is true whether the subject is landscape or portrait, and, indeed, light itself has been transformed into a drawing medium in many of his works. These calligraphic light-images express an extreme idealism and inner purity.
Colour, in particular, is an essential component in the aesthetics of his compositions: whilst paying homage to the observed scene, he uses it also to emphasise symbolic expression. His style is adventurous strong and assured, embracing colour, vibrancy and symbolism.
He offers an extra dimension to the viewer’s experience!
Bridget Heriz-Smith (Sculptor).
Thanks for visiting Manuel Seixas’ Store.
Your Eyes Make the Art.
Manuel Seixas

The Voyager speckcase
The Voyager by ManuelSeixas
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